MANGO 0.8mm/0.9mm RFID Proximity ID Card 125Khz Frequency

A 0.9mm RFID Proximity ID Card is a thin, contactless identification card utilizing radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, typically measuring 0.9 millimeters in thickness. 0.9mm RFID Proximity ID Card are encoded with unique identification information and function by emitting radio waves 125Khz Frequency to communicate with compatible readers, allowing for secure and convenient access control in various environments such as offices, educational institutions, or secure facilities. 0.9mm RFID Proximity ID Card thin design enhances portability while the RFID feature enables quick and efficient authentication, making it an ideal solution for streamlined and secure identification processes.

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MANGO 0.9mm/0.8mm RFID Proximity ID Card

Model: 0.9mm RFID

  • 100% Original Genuine MANGO RFID Cards
  • Color : White (Serial Number Displayed)
  • RFID Technology: Utilizes RFID for contactless communication and data transfer.
  • Proximity ID Card: Designed for proximity-based access control and identification.
  • Application : apply to water meter prepaid, campus id, highway tolls, parking lot, bus the stored value card, community management
  • Slim Profile: Thin construction with a 0.9mm thickness for convenience and ease of use.
  • Durable Material: Typically made from durable materials like PVC for longevity.
  • Customizable: Can be customized with printing, encoding, or specific branding requirements.
  • Secure Access: Provides secure access control functionality.
  • ISO Compatibility: Compliant with ISO standards for proximity ID cards.


  • Communications speed : 106 kboud
  • Reading distance : 2.5 -- 10 cm
  • Card Type: RFID Proximity ID Card with a thickness of 0.9mm.
  • Dimensions: 85.6mm x 54mm x 0.9mm
  • Technology: Operates on RFID technology for contactless communication.
  • Frequency: Operates at specific RFID frequencies, commonly 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz.
  • Material: Typically made from PVC or similar durable materials.
  • Printability: Surface allows for custom printing of logos, serial numbers, or other details.
  • Applications: Suitable for access control, identification, time attendance systems, etc.


  • All kind of RFID Device
  • Guard Touring Petrol System
  • Door Access System
  • Attendance System
  • Security Guard House
  • Condominium Access Card
  • & Many many more.....
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