AMANO Time Recorder BX-6400

The AMANO Time Recorder BX-6400, also known as the AMANO Punch Card Machine BX-6400, is a reliable solution for time attendance needs.

With its dual-color printing feature in black and red, AMANO Time Recorder BX-6400 effectively highlights lateness, ensuring clear visibility of important timestamps. It supports standard 6-column punch card time attendance recording with Automatic column shifting setting, covering essential work periods such as morning in, lunch out, lunch in, off work, overtime in, and overtime out.

Featuring a high-quality dot matrix printer with 9 pins, AMANO Time Recorder BX-6400 delivers clean and precise printing for accurate time attendance record-keeping. Additionally, its automatic time card feed function streamlines the process, enhancing user convenience.

Moreover, AMANO Time Recorder BX-6400 includes a built-in power backup battery to ensure continuous punch card operation during power failures, and it allows for connection to an external siren device for timer alerts alarm.


AMANO Time Recorder & Punch Card Machine

Model: BX-6400


  • 2 colors printing for lateness (Black & Red)
  • Max.Print up to 6 columns
  • Automatic Card Feed
  • 3 years full memory back up (keep the time & program running)
  • Perpetual Calendar: YES
  • 9 pins powerful dot matrix printer head
  • Ribbon Type  :  Amano CE315250
  • Surface Detection Function For Right Side Of Time Card (Eject when the wrong side was punched)
  • Available External Siren Device Ready
  • Counting Number Display: Large and easy-to-read analog clock face with quartz time base
  • Melody time alert : YES
  • Auto IN/OUT Shift : YES
  • Full Power Reserve : YES
  • Power (Backup Battery)  : YES
  • Memory Battery : YES
  • Dimension : 190W x 224H x 127D mm
  • Item Weight : 3.2kg
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