AMANO Time Recorder EX-3500N

The AMANO Time Recorder EX-3500N (Known as AMANO Punch Card Machine EX-3500N)  is a heavy-range model offering efficient time attendance solutions.

With its dual-color printing feature in black and red, it effectively highlights lateness in the time card. It supports standard 6-column punch card time recording, covering key work periods like morning in, lunch out, lunch in, off work, overtime in, and overtime out.

Equipped with a high-quality dot matrix printer featuring 9 pins sttandard, AMANO Time Recorder EX-3500N ensures clean and clear printing for accurate record-Time Attendance keeping.

Additionally, AMANO Time Recorder EX-3500N’s automatic card feed function streamlines the process, making it user-friendly and reliable for businesses seeking a dependable time attendance recording solution without compromising on quality.


AMANO Time Recorder & Punch Card Machine

Model : EX-3500N

  • 2 colors printing for lateness (Black & Red)
  • Max.Print up to 6 columns
  • Automatic Card Feed
  • 3 years full memory back up (keep the time & program running)
  • Perpetual Calendar: YES
  • 9 pins powerful dot matrix printer head
  • Surface Detection Function For Right Side Of Time Card (Eject when the wrong side was punched)
  • Available Modify External Siren Device Ready (optional)
  • Counting Number Display: Large and easy-to-read analog clock face with quartz time base
  • Melody time alert : NO
  • Auto IN/OUT Shift: NO
  • Full Power Reserve: NO
  • Daylight Saving : NO
  • Dimension: 190W x 224H x 127D mm
  • Item Weight: 2.3kg


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