APS Banker Series BK4

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APS Banker Safe Box Model:BK4 (Keylock & Keyless Combination Lock) Net Weight: 1180 kg Out Side Dimension(mm): 1386 (H) x 762 (W) x 870 (D) Inside Dimension(mm): 1187 (H) x 533 (W) x 643 (D) Optional Parts / Components: Shelves, Key Hanger/ Cabinet/ Relocatable Trap


  • Main frame is constructed with an overall thickness measuring 102mm (4ins) reinforced with high density proofing material encased in steel.
  • The body provides strong resistant from penetration attempt with oxyacetylene torch of high tech mechanical tools.


  • The full length vertical interlocking rebates are encased with 160mm thick specially using the high density fire proofing material.
  • 60mm (2.4ins) thickness door slab secures lock tight position in the even of break-in attempt using hydraulic jack, explosive or sawing of the door hinges.

*Handling Fees Check Side Per Floor

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