APS Home Series AP3

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APS Personal Safe Box

Model: AP3 (Key Lock & Keyless Combination Lock)


Net Weight: 160 kg

Out Side Dimension(mm): 706 (H) x 460(W) x 406(D)

Inside Dimension(mm): 265 (H) x 373 (W) x 273 (D)

Fire Proof



  • Made of high density proofing material encased in steel to resist attacks such as fire, drilling, oxyacetylene or mechanical tools attack



  • The handle controls the one way movable bolts that keeps the door firmly shut and locked.

  • Behind the hinges, a 75mm thick vertical interlocking rebate is integrated to withstand prying attack.

  • The intetior of the door is further armoured with high density proofing materialwhile securing the lockcase embedded in the door structure.


*Handling Fees Check Side Per Floor


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