APS Safety Box Gun Safe (KL&KCL)

The APS Safety Box Gun Safe is a secure and robust storage solution specifically designed for firearms. Engineered with durability and security in mind, APS Safety Box Gun Safe ensures the safekeeping of guns in various environments, such as homes, shooting ranges, or commercial settings. Featuring solid construction and advanced locking mechanisms, APS Safety Box Gun Safe provides a high level of protection against unauthorized access while allowing quick access for authorized users. APS Safety Box Gun Safe design often includes fire-resistant materials and may offer options for customization, such as adjustable interiors and multiple locking mechanisms, ensuring both safety and practicality for gun owners.

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APS Safety Box Gun Safe

Model :  (KL&KCL)

  • Fire Resistance: YES
  • Locking System: 3-Wheel Mechanical Combination Lock or PN Series Digital Lock
  • Accessories: 1nos Instruction Manual
  • Changeable Password: YES
  • Burglary Resistant: YES
  • Internal Fittings: 1nos adjustable metal shelf and Gun Holder
  • Weight(grams): 300000
  • Weight: Approximately 300kg
  • Dimension (external): 1500H x 420W x 434D mm
  • Dimension (internal): 1408H x 279W x 257D mm
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