APS Safety Box Office Safe S4

The APS Safety Box Office Safe S4 is a professional-grade safe designed for secure storage of valuable items in office environments. With a robust build, APS Safety Box Office Safe S4 offers reliable protection against theft and unauthorized access. Its features typically include advanced locking mechanisms, such as digital keypad or combination locks, ensuring only authorized individuals have access. APS Safety Box Office Safe S4 provides ample space for storing important documents, cash, and other valuables, offering peace of mind in various office settings. Additionally, APS Safety Box Office Safe S4 design may incorporate fire-resistant materials to safeguard contents from fire damage, making it a comprehensive solution for securing crucial items in the workplace.

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APS Safety Box Office Safe 

Model :  S4

  • Fire Resistance: YES
  • Locking System: 3-Wheel Mechanical Combination Lock + 7-lever Keylock
  • Accessories: 1nos Instruction Manual ; 2nos Operational Key (safe box) ; 1 pair of drawer keys (internal lockable drawer)
  • Changeable Password: Yes
  • Internal Fittings: 1nos lockable drawer ; 2nos adjustable shelves
  • Burglary Resistance: YES
  • Weight: 1105kg
  • Dimension (external): 1230H x 695W x 735D mm
  • Dimension (internal): 915H x 521W x 532D mm
  • Overall Body Thickness: 64mm
  • Door Slab Thickness: 75mm
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