APS Safety Box Personal Safe AP 1 (KCL)

The APS Safety Box Personal Safe AP 1 (KCL) is a compact yet reliable safe, perfect for personal use at home or in a small office. With its robust combination lock (KCL), it offers secure access control for safeguarding valuables like documents, jewelry, and cash. Its sturdy build ensures protection against tampering and unauthorized access attempts. Despite its smaller size, it provides adequate space for essential belongings, prioritizing security without compromising on convenience. The AP 1 (KCL) is a dependable option for individuals seeking a secure and practical safe to protect their valuables within personal or small business environments.

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APS Safety Box Personal Safe 

Model :  AP 1 (KCL)

  • Internal Fittings: NO
  • Burglary Resistance: YES
  • Changeable Password: YES
  • c/w key combination lock
  • External dimention (HxWxD): 353mm x 460mm x 406mm 
  • Internal dimention (HxWxD): 265mm x 373mm x 273mm 
  • Nett weight: 80 +/- kgs
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