APS Safety Box Personal Safe AP 1 (KL & KCL)

The APS Safety Box Personal Safe AP 1 (KL & KCL) is a compact and reliable safe tailored for personal use, ideal for safeguarding valuables at home or in a small office setting. This safe features both key lock (KL) and combination lock (KCL) mechanisms, providing dual options for access control and enhancing security measures.Though it might have a smaller interior space compared to larger safes, its design prioritizes security and accessibility for personal items. With a focus on practicality and reliability, the AP 1 safe serves as a dependable option for individuals seeking to protect their valuables within their personal or small business environments.

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APS Safety Box Personal Safe 

Model :  AP 1 (KL & KCL)

  • Fire Resistance: YES
  • Locking System: 3-Wheel Mechanical Combination Lock Only + Keylock
  • Accessories: 1nos Instruction Manual ; 1 pair of Operational Keys (safe box)
  • Changeable Password: YES
  • Internal Fittings: NO
  • Burglary Resistance: YES
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Dimension (internal): 265H x 373W x 273D mm
  • Dimension (external): 353H x 460W x 405D mm
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