ARC004 Remote Receiver (433Mhz)

The ARC004 Remote Receiver operating at 433MHz is a wireless receiver module designed for remote control systems. Operating on the 433MHz frequency, ARC004 Remote Receiver (433Mhz) unit captures signals from compatible remote controllers, enabling wireless communication with various devices such as garage door openers, gate systems, or other remote-operated equipment. ARC004 Remote Receiver (433Mhz) function involves receiving and interpreting signals sent by remote controllers operating within the specified 433MHz frequency range, facilitating reliable and convenient remote control operations for compatible devices.

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Remote Receiver (433Mhz)

Model:  ARC004



  • Wireless Connectivity: Utilizes 433MHz frequency for wireless communication with remote devices.
  • Remote Signal Reception: Capable of receiving signals from compatible remote controls or transmitters.
  • Long-range Reception: Offers extended range capabilities for remote operation.
  • Multiple Channel Support: Supports multiple channels for diverse control or signaling purposes.
  • Easy Integration: Designed for straightforward integration into various control systems or devices.
  • Reliable Communication: Provides reliable signal reception for consistent remote control functionality.



  • Frequency: 433MHz
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