Asia Talk Walkie Talkie IP-88

The Asia Talk Walkie Talkie IP-A88 is an exceptional communication tool known for its expansive coverage, allowing unlimited talking distance to cover an entire country. With versatile functionalities such as private calls, group calls, member lists, and parent group calls, the Asia Talk Walkie Talkie IP-A88 ensures efficient communication. Its features like talk priority function, PTt kibitz function, and talk permit tone enhance communication efficiency. Additionally, the device provides low battery alerts, high-fidelity loud voice output, software remote updates, support for multiple platform installations, and quick call keys for seamless use. The Asia Talk Walkie Talkie IP-A88 also offers Beidou/GPS and optional SOS functions, along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, adding to its comprehensive range of functionalities.

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Asia Talk Walkie Talkie 

Model: IP-88



  • Unlimited talkng distance cover a whole country
  • Private call/group call/Member lIst/Parent Grauo call
  • Talk Priority Function
  • PtT Kibitz Funation
  • Talk Permit Tone
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Loud Vioce, high Fidelity output
  • Software remote Update
  • Support many platform Installation
  • List quick call keys
  • Beidou/GPS function
  • sos function (option )
  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth


  • 3 quick call keys
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