Asia Talk Walkie Talkie IP-A78

The Asia Talk Walkie Talkie IP-A78 is an advanced communication device boasting IP87 waterproofing and a power-on lone feature, ensuring reliability even in demanding conditions. Equipped with a range of functionalities including SOS function, voice records, low power alerts, and GPS functionality, the Asia Talk Walkie Talkie IP-A78 provides enhanced safety and efficient communication. With group call, private call, and nested-group call options, as well as shortcut key functions and SD card support for voice records, it offers versatility and convenience. Featuring an RTOS system, earphone compatibility, and programming through an 11 pins connector, it also facilitates OTA programming without the need for a cable, ensuring seamless and adaptable communication experiences.

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Asia Talk Walkie Talkie 

Model: IP-A78



  • IP87 waterproof
  • Power on lone
  • SOS function
  • Voice records
  • Low power alert
  • GPS function
  • Group call Private call/Nested-group call
  • Short-cut key function
  • SD card for voice records
  • RTOS
  • OTA Program without cable
  • 4G LTE WCDMA IP Radio



  • Earphone/Programming: 11 pins connector
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