CHECKER Manual Cheque Writer Machine D-11/1 (DISCONTINUED)

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CHECKER Manual Cheque Writer Machine

Model:D-11/1 (Single Currency) (DISCONTINUED)


  • The CHECKER secure any document against forgery
  • Modern cheque forgers use methods that make it simpler than ever to alter hand-written or type-written amounts on cheques and other documents.
  • D11 provides effective protection.
  • It embosses clear and absolutely unalterable figures into the paper. These are quite impossible to misread or overlook.
  • It does the job quickly. D11 can print about 400 lines of figures in one hour. That's much faster than a typewriter or by hand.
  • D11 provides more than just security, effeciency and economy. Your company name is embossed on every cheque, receipt, invoice,cash voucher and all sorts of import/export documents etc.
  • With model D11 you can print a maximum of 14 different currency denominations – as per your request.
  • D11 is accepted and utilised by banks, insurance companies, governments, trade unions and industries worldwide.
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