CHUBB Electronic Hotel Safe 200 (DISCONTINUED)

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CHUBB Electronic Hotel Safe 


  • For Hotel Guests, the Electronic Hotel safe operates on a personal pin number for confidentiality.
  • For Hotel Management, The safe’s electronic are managed by the Chubbsafes Overriding Security Unit (OSU) which functions as an accessing device and audit trail recorder.
  • User-friendly operation of safes via hotel’s choice of programmable 4-10 digit PIN numbers.
  • Clear LED display coupled with large keypad buttons.
  • Battery level indicator.
  • Able to accommodate a laptop computer.
  • Operate using 4 numbers of ‘AA’ size batteries.
  • Equipped with a Tamper Resistance feature which renders the safe inoperable once tempered.
  • A Security Access Code (SAC) that identifies each safe and restricts the OSU usage to a particular hotel only.
  • Audit trails can be viewed from the OSU or printed on hardcopy.
  • Locks  :  Digital Lock
  • Dimension (External) (HxWxD)  :  200 x 430 x 400
  • Dimension (Internal) (HxWxD)  :  185 x 427 x 345
  • Nett Weight  :   13kg
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