CHUBB Safe Castle Safe Castle 100 (Digital Lock & KL)

The CHUBB Castle Safe 100, equipped with a Digital Lock & KL (Key Lock), presents a secure storage solution characterized by sturdy construction and advanced security features. Combining a digital locking system for modern convenience with a traditional key lock for added reliability, CHUBB Castle Safe 100 offers ample space for safeguarding valuables, documents, or cash. CHUBB Castle Safe 100 robust design, coupled with a dual-locking mechanism, ensures stringent access control and protection against unauthorized entry, making CHUBB Castle Safe 100 an ideal choice for residential or commercial use where both modern security and traditional reliability are essential.

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CHUBB Safe Castle Safe Castle

Model:  Castle 100 (Digital Lock & KL)



  • Burglary Resistant
  • 1HR Fire Resistant
  • Lockable Drawer
  • 3-way moving bolt
  • Base Fixing Bolt


  • Locks  : Digital Lock & KL
  • External Dimensions (HxWxD)mm  : 1066 x 585 x 507
  • Internal Dimensions (HxWxD)mm  : 833 x 426 x 346
  • Nett Weight  :  200kgs
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