CHUBB Safety Box DataGuard NT Model 90 (KL)

The CHUBB DataGuard NT Model 90 Safety Box, featuring a Key Lock (KL), offers a secure storage solution renowned for its robust design and advanced security features. With a larger capacity than its counterparts, CHUBB DataGuard NT Model 90 safety box provides enhanced protection against theft and unauthorized access, catering to residential or commercial environments. Designed to secure sensitive documents, digital media, or valuables, CHUBB DataGuard NT Model 90 sturdy construction and advanced security measures make it an ideal choice for those seeking reliable and secure storage solutions for larger volumes of sensitive materials or valuables.

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CHUBB Safety Box DataGuard NT 

Model: Model 90 (KL)



  • Certified NT Fire 017 – 120 Diskette for two-hour protection of data media from fire.
  • Single-door safe with no insert required – maximising internal capacity and up to 60% more storage space than other safes in the same class.
  • User-friendly, slam-action door. When shut, provides full fire protection without needing to be locked.
  • Adjustable shelving and drawer units supplied as standard.
  • Available in four models, ranging from 30 to 128 litres.
  • Choice of key or electronic locking.


  • Locks  : KL
  • External Dimensions (HxWxD)mm  : 1025 x 546 x 590
  • Internal Dimensions (HxWxD)mm  : 775 x 346 x 330
  • Nett Weight  :  263kgs
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