CHUBB Strong Doors 2″ Strongroom Door

The CHUBB Strong Doors 2″ Strongroom Door represents a pinnacle in security solutions, designed for robust protection in high-security environments. Renowned for its reinforced construction and advanced protective features, CHUBB Strong Doors 2″ Strongroom Door offers stringent access control and resistance against unauthorized entry or intrusion. With a focus on top-tier security, CHUBB Strong Doors 2″ Strongroom Door provides reliable fortification, making it an ideal choice for strongrooms or areas requiring superior safeguarding of assets in diverse commercial or institutional settings.

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CHUBB Strong Doors 2″ Strongroom Door

Model: 2″ Strongroom Door



  • Door slab thickness: 50mm (2″), overall thickness: 185mm
  • Filled with Chubbsafes barrier material and steel fibers for high resistance
  • Resistant to drilling, oxy-acetylene cutting, and jack attacks
  • Secured by 7 active front bolts, 2 top, 2 bottom, and 7 passive back bolts (32mm diameter)
  • Fire resistance: 120 minutes tested according to BS476 Part 22:1987
  • Features a 3-wheel Keyless Combination Lock and 8-lever double bitted Key Lock, independent operation
  • Glass Relockers protect the Keyless Combination Lock, activating in case of forced tampering
  • Relocker safeguarded by drill-resistant hard plates
  • Comes with a painted grey primer-based finish



  • Weight(grams): 640000
  • Fire Resistance: 120 minutes (Tested in accordance with BS476 Part 22:1987 FireTest on Building Material and Structure)
  • Locking System: UL Listed 3-wheel mechanical combination lock + 8-lever double bitted Key Lock from Germany (Key Lock is protected by Manganese Plate)
  • Accessories: 1 pair of operational key for Chubbsafes 2″ Strongroom Door ; 1 pair operational keys for Grille Gate (optional fitting)
  • External Dimension: 2110H x 1273W mm
  • Clear Opening: 1920H x 814W mm
  • Overall Door Thickness: 165mm (Filled with a specially formulated Chubbsafes F80 barrier materials reinforced with steel fiber provides resistant to high speed drilling, oxy-acetylene cuttings and jack attacks)
  • Protective Thickness: 50mm (2″)
  • Type of Resistance: Burglary, Fire
  • Valuables to Protect: Cash, Documents
  • Wall Thickness (inclusive of plastering): 200mm
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