EBA Office Shredder 3140S

The EBA Office Shredder 3140S is a high-quality, efficient shredder designed for office use. EBA Office Shredder 3140S’s equipped with advanced shredding capabilities, capable of handling large volumes of paper, CDs, DVDs, and credit cards. EBA Office Shredder 3140S prioritizes security and convenience, often featuring safety elements like automatic shut-off when the waste bin is full or the door is open. It’s an ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable document disposal solutions.

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EBA Document Shredder Machine

Model: 3140 S (Straight Cut) 


  • Auto Start /Stop with photo cell
  • Auto cut off if bin is open,or full
  • DIN Security level: 2
  • Can Shred Paper Clips/Staples/CDs & DVDs/Credit Card
  • Shred Size: 6mm
  • Sheet Capacity: 39-41 sheets (A4,70g)
  • Sheet Capacity: 33-35 sheets (A4,80g)
  • Motor Capacity In Watt: 1300 Watt
  • Bag Volumn In Litres: 200 Litres
  • Dimension(W x D x H): 640 x 590 x 970mm
  • Throat Width: 400mm      
  • Net Weight: 82kg
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