IDEAL Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine 2465 JUMBO (Straight Cut 4mm)

Introducing the IDEAL Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine 2465 JUMBO, a formidable solution for your document disposal needs. IDEAL Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine 2465 JUMBO Engineered with solid steel cutting shafts, it ensures long-lasting durability and efficient performance, making it a reliable choice for heavy-duty shredding tasks.

IDEAL Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine 2465 JUMBO features a convenient shred bin, making it easy to manage and dispose of shredded materials. With a security level of P-4, it produces a 4 x 40 mm particle cut, providing a high level of document security.

In terms of capacity of IDEAL Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine 2465 JUMBO, it can handle 16-18 sheets at a time, offering you the flexibility and efficiency you need for your shredding tasks. For continuous operation, it comfortably shreds 13-15 sheets, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

The IDEAL Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine 2465 JUMBO combines durability, convenience, and security, making it an ideal choice for businesses and organizations with demanding shredding requirements.

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IDEAL Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine 

Model : 2465 JUMBO (Straight Cut 4mm)

  • SPS (Safety Protection System) package for enhanced safety
  • EASYSWITCH intelligent control element with color-coded indicators
  • Automatic reverse, power cut-off, and stop when the shred bin is full
  • Electronic door protection with a magnetic proximity switch
  • Double motor protection against overheating
  • ZERO ENERGY standby mode for automatic power disconnection after 15 minutes
  • Photo cell-controlled automatic start and stop
  • SSC (Smart Shred Control) with a smiley indicator for sheet capacity during shredding
  • High-quality, paper clip-proof cutting shafts made of special hardened steel with a lifetime guarantee
  • Quiet, powerful, and energy-efficient single-phase motor
  • Fully closed gear box housing and durable gears
  • High-quality wooden cabinet with mobility on castor
  • Environmentally-friendly shred bin, eliminating the need for disposable shred bags
  • Weight(grams): 22000
  • Warranty: 2 Years Warranty against manufacturing defects / Lifetime Guarantee on the solid steel cutting shafts
  • Model: IDEAL 2465 JUMBO
  • Dimension: 850H x 500W x 374D mm
  • Machine Weight: 22kg
  • Shred Capacity (A4/70gsm): 22-24 sheets
  • Shred Size: 4mm (straight cut)
  • Paper Entry Width: 240mm
  • Shred: Papers, paper clips, staples, credit cards, CDs
  • Shred Speed: 0.10m/sec
  • Shred Capacity (A4/80gsm): 19-21 sheets
  • Security Level DIN 66399: P-2
  • Automatic Start / Stop via Photo Cell: YES
  • Control Element: EASY-SWITCH
  • Automatic Reverse / Automatic Power Cut-Off: YES
  • Electronic Door Protection: YES
  • Lifetime Guarantee on the Solid Steel Cutting Shafts: YES
  • Automatic Oil Injection on the Cutting Shafts (Auto-Oiler): NO
  • Volume of Cabinet: 100 liters
  • Shred Bin Volume: 75 liters
  • SPS Safety Protection System: YES
  • Patented Safety Flap in the Feed Opening: YES. (Electronic)
  • Automatic Cut-Off if Shred Bin is Full: YES
  • Double Motor Protection: YES
  • Zero Energy Standby Mode: YES
  • Awarded the “Blue Angel” for High Energy Efficiency: YES
  • Mobile on Swivel Castors: YES
  • SCC – Smart Shred Control: YES
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