IDEAL Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine 2604 CC JUMBO (Oiler) (2x15mm)

IDEAL Paper Shredder Machine 2604 CC JUMBO (Oiler) is a high-performance document shredder designed for professional use, offering cross-cut shredding for enhanced security. Notable features include an integrated automatic oiler system, IDEAL Paper Shredder Machine 2604 CC JUMBO (Oiler) ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the cutting blades by automatically lubricating them. IDEAL Paper Shredder Machine 2604 CC JUMBO (Oiler)is suitable for larger offices or organizations with demanding shredding needs. IDEAL Paper Shredder Machine 2604 CC JUMBO (Oiler) incorporates a spacious feed opening for easy document insertion and a multifunction switch for stand-by, stop (off), and reverse functions. The photo cell-controlled automatic start and stop add to its user-friendly design, while the transparent safety flap in the feed opening enhances operational safety. The IDEAL Paper Shredder Machine 2604 CC JUMBO (Oiler) also includes a large, removable shred bin with a window for convenient monitoring of fill levels. This shredder is a robust solution for organizations prioritizing efficiency, security, and durability in their document disposal processes.

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IDEAL Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine 

Model :  2604 CC JUMBO (Oiler) (2x15mm)

  • Patented transparent safety flap in feed opening for added safety.
  • EASY-SWITCH: Intelligent control element with varying color codes and back-lit symbols indicating operational status.
  • Automatic reverse and power cut-off to prevent paper jams.
  • Automatic stop when the shred bin is full.
  • Electronic door protection via magnetic proximity switch.
  • Double motor protection.
  • ZERO ENERGY standby mode: Automatic disconnection from power supply after 15 minutes.
  • High-quality, paper clip-proof cutting shafts made from special hardened steel with a lifetime guarantee (not applicable for certain micro cut models).
  • Patented feature indicating used sheet capacity during shredding process.
  • Cutting shafts receive automatic oil injection during shredding for consistent high shred performance.
  • Quiet but powerful single-phase motor for continuous operation.
  • Sturdy Twin Drive System with fully closed gear box housing.
  • Convenient environmentally-friendly shred bin; no disposable shred bags required.
  • Weight(grams): 110000
  • Warranty: 2 Years Warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Model: IDEAL 2604 CC JUMBO (Level P-5, Auto-Oiler)
  • Dimension: 1307H x 725W x 796D mm
  • Machine Weight: 110kg
  • Shred Capacity (A4/70gsm): 15-17 sheets
  • Shred Size: 2x15mm (micro cut)
  • Paper Entry Width: 260mm
  • Shred: Papers, paper clips, staples, credit cards
  • Shred Speed: 0.08m/sec
  • Shred Capacity (A4/80gsm): 13-15 sheets
  • Security Level DIN 66399: P-5
  • Automatic Start / Stop via Photo Cell: YES
  • Control Element: EASY-SWITCH
  • Automatic Reverse / Automatic Power Cut-Off: YES
  • Electronic Door Protection: YES
  • Lifetime Guarantee on the Solid Steel Cutting Shafts: YES
  • Automatic Oil Injection on the Cutting Shafts (Auto-Oiler): YES
  • Volume of Cabinet: 525 liters
  • Shred Bin Volume: 240 liters
  • ECC – Electronic Capacity Control: YES
  • SPS Safety Protection System: YES
  • Patented Safety Flap in the Feed Opening: YES. (Electronic)
  • Automatic Cut-Off if Shred Bin is Full: YES
  • Double Motor Protection: YES
  • Zero Energy Standby Mode: YES
  • Awarded the “Blue Angel” for High Energy Efficiency: YES
  • High Quality Wooden Cabinet, Mobile on Swivel Castors: YES
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