IDEAL Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine 3104 SMC (Oiler) (0.8 x 5mm)

The IDEAL Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine 3104 SMC (Oiler)  is a robust and efficient document shredder designed for heavy-duty use in professional environments. Key features of this shredder include a built-in oiler for automatic lubrication of cutting blades, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. IDEAL Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine 3104 SMC (Oiler) employs a super micro-cut with a cutting size of 0.8 x 5mm, providing an exceptionally high level of document security. IDEAL Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine 3104 SMC (Oiler) is equipped with safety features, such as a transparent safety flap in the feed opening and an electronic door protection system with a magnetic proximity switch. IDEAL Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine 3104 SMC (Oiler) also includes the EASY-SWITCH intelligent control element, ECC (Electronic Capacity Control) for monitoring sheet capacity, and a ZERO ENERGY standby mode for energy efficiency. With a sturdy construction, powerful motor, and high-quality components, the IDEAL 3104 SMC is suitable for continuous, heavy-duty shredding tasks in professional settings.

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IDEAL Heavy Duty Paper Shredder Machine 

Model :  3104 SMC (Oiler) (0.8 x 5mm)

  • Automatic Start / Stop via Photo Cell
  • Automatic Reverse / Automatic Power Cut-Off
  • Electronic Door Protection
  • ECC – Electronic Capacity Control
  • Control Element: EASY-SWITCH
  • SPS Safety Protection System
  • Lifetime Guarantee on the Solid Steel Cutting Shafts
  • Automatic Cut-Off if Shred Bin is Full
  • Patented Safety Flap in the Feed Opening
  • Double Motor Protection
  • Zero Energy Standby Mode
  • Awarded the “Blue Angel” for High Energy Efficiency
  • High Quality Wooden Cabinet, Mobile on Swivel Castors
  • Weight(grams): 52000
  • Model: IDEAL 3104SMC (Level P-7)
  • Dimension: 930H x 538W x 470D mm
  • Machine Weight: 52kg
  • Shred Size: 0.8x5mm (super micro cut)
  • Paper Entry Width: 310mm
  • Shred: Papers only
  • Shred Speed: 0.08m/sec
  • Security Level DIN 66399: P-7
  • Automatic Oil Injection on the Cutting Shafts (Auto-Oiler): NO
  • Volume of Cabinet: 140 litres
  • Shred Bin Volume: 120 litres
  • Shred Capacity (Paper/70gsm): 5-7 sheets
  • Shred Capacity (Paper/80gsm): 4-6 sheets
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