iTBOX All in One Cheque Writer iCheque 5


iTBOX All in One Cheque Writer

Model: iCheque5

  • The all-in-one Printer Matches for each English cheque.
  • Used to automatically print Payee, Date, Signature, Issue Place, Amount in letters and numbers and other items at a time.
  • Up To 60 Payee Names Can Be Programmed Into The Memory
  • Prints On Malaysian (Preset), Any Currency like Euro, Cent, and some symbols can be printed. 
  • Print by Stand-alone or connected to computer by USB.
  • For all size of cheque use
  • Select able font size & Date type
  • The Printing Length in a line, and print position is adjustable.
  • English and French as a choice, other language made by customization.
  • LCD With Blue Back Light For Clearer Viewing
  • Dimension: 276 x 260 x 115mm
  • Net Weight:2.1Kg
  • Input Voltage: 110V-250V / 50Hz
  • Output Voltage: 24VDC 2A
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