iTBOX Time Recorder 5500N (DISCONTINUED)

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iTBOX Electronic Time Recorder (Taiwan Branded)

Model : 5500N (DISCONTINUED)

(A=Analog & Small Digital Display N=Big LCD Display)

  • 2 color priting (Black & Red)
  • Max.Print up to 6 columns
  • Full Power Reserved for 400 punch (Power back-up when power failure)
  • 5 years full memory back up (keep the time & program running)
  • Auto IN / OUT column shift (Prevention for wrong position printing)
  • Melody Function
  • Signal device for external siren (to alert the break time)
  • 30 years perpetual calendar (Skip the short months and leap years)
  • Auto card search Prevention for wrong side printing
  • 9 pins powerful printer head



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