iTBOX Time Recorder i58A

The iTBOX time recorder i58A is a top-of-the-line model designed for heavy duty use.

iTBOX time recorder i58A features lock by key and password verification to prevent unauthorized access to setting menu and ensure reliable attendance records. For added security, any attempt to tamper with settings results in a “*” marked punch after the first attempt.

With a high-speed, low-noise operation, iTBOX time recorder i58A efficiently prints in black and red (Lateness) ink for clear and distinct time stamps. The iTBOX time recorder i58A supports six columns for in/out tracking, which is morning start work, lunch out, lunch in, off work, Overtime in & O.T out, providing comprehensive attendance data.

Plus, with a power reserve capable of recording up to 400 punches, you can rely on the iTBOX time recorder i58A to accurately track employee hours with ease.


iTBOX Electronic Time Recorder Machine

Model : i58A

  • Password Verification
  • First punch will remark * sign after programming done.
  • Set day line change time freely
  • High speed low noise
  • Perpetual Calendar
  • Function of daylight saving time
  • 2 colors by dot matrix 9 pin printer (Black & Red)
  • 6 column in/out print can be selected as auto-shift or manual
  • Equipped with internal music melody
  • Signal device ready for external siren
  • Equipped with auto feed and eject card mechanism
  • Big analog clock surface & small digital screen (LCD)
  • 18 sets of setting / colour / column to give max. flexibility for various work schedule
  • Detector to identify the front and back portion of the monthly card
  • Powerful power circuit design suitable for all range environment use : Office / Shop / Shopping mall / Big factory / Govement Department / Hospital / Restaurant / Contruction site
  • Full power reserved for 400 punch
  • Use Ribbon Type : iTBOX i525850 Ribbon
  • Net Weight : 1.75Kgs
  • Gross Weight : 2.15Kgs
  • Dimension : 190(W) x 115(D) x 220(H)mm
  • Package Size : 255(W) x 185(D) x 280(H)mm
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