MA Note Discriminator PD100 LCD

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MA Note Discriminator Machine

Model : PD100 LCD


  • Portable — Neat and slim design, easy to carry and operate, smallest size in the industry.
  • Fast — Auto feeding, at least 2 notes per second.
  • Accurate — Can discriminate value and detect very good quality counterfeits.
  • Convenient– Non-directive detection.
  • Power safe — Automatically enter the power safe mode with all information kept in memory after 10 minutes without any operation, power saving mode provides economical energy consumption and prevents from overheating.
  • User friendly — Large size LCD panel, easy to use.
  • Forward/Backward banknote ejection – Provides two ejection ways, user can easily press "MODE" button to enter forward or backward mode by his/her choice.
  • Efficient — An audible and visual warning alerts you when a suspicious bill is detected; magnetic, infrared analysis (optical paper density, optical bank note image, IR-marks map), inks spectrum analysis, bank note size. 
  • Easy maintenance — Easy-opening cover provides users unimpeded access to the device transportation mechanism; Online upgrade system, patch can be send via internet; USB programming socket and easy-to-use program, provides debugging and upgrading in just a minute.
  • Great quality — Whole equipment designed and produced in Taiwan, all components lead-free and meeting ROHS standard.
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