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MS190 DC 12V Baby Siren

The MS190 DC 12V Baby Siren serves as an audible signaling device compatible with available Time Attendance System models. Designed for a 12-volt DC power supply,MS190 DC 12V Baby Siren emits a powerful alert, enhancing the notification capabilities of the respective models. MS190 DC 12V Baby Siren compatibility with these specific models ensures an effective audible alert system, contributing to heightened security or notifications in applications such as automation systems, security setups, or other scenarios where a compact yet robust audible signal is necessary.

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MS190 DC 12V Baby Siren

Model:  MS190 DC 12V



  • The MS-190 motor siren is suitable for use in ships, fire trucks, automobiles and anti-theft systems of buildings as an alarm.
  • The sound can reach 114 decibels, continuous sound, strong penetration, easy to find the alarm in time.
  • The metal shell is coated with red anti-rust paint, which is more durable.


  • Current :6A, 2.5A, 0.9A, 0.43A
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power: 20W, 50W
  • Color: Red
  • Volume: 110-115dB
  • Material: Metal shell
  • Applications: Suitable for transmitting signals in small elevators, transport vehicles, small ship machinery warehouses, etc.
  • Protection: IP54
  • Unit Weight: 0.6kg
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