Safety Box Metal Shelves

Safety Box Metal Shelves serve as integral organizational accessories within safes, providing efficient and customizable storage solutions for valuables. Safety Box Metal Shelves are designed to optimize the interior space of the safety box, offering users a structured arrangement for items of varying sizes. With their durable construction, Safety Box Metal Shelves ensure secure and stable support for belongings, enabling users to organize and access their valuables with ease while maximizing the storage capacity of the safe.

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Safety Box Metal Shelves



  •  Made of durable metal for long-lasting use and stability.
  • Configurable shelves that can be adjusted to different heights or removed.
  • Designed to accommodate various items or containers within the safety box.
  • Treated or coated to resist corrosion and maintain durability.
  • Suitable for use with a range of safety boxes or storage units.
  • Helps in organizing and separating stored items within the safety box.



  • Sizes vary based on the specific safety box's interior dimensions.
  • Specifies the maximum weight each shelf can support.
  • Specifies the safety box models or sizes the shelves are designed for.
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