Sapphire Safe Deposit Lockers 12 UK 510 (Chubb Lock)

The Sapphire Safe Deposit Lockers 12 UK 510, incorporating Chubb Locks, stand as a premier choice for secure deposit solutions in banking or commercial settings. Renowned for their robustness, Sapphire Safe Deposit Lockers 12 UK 510 offer high-security storage for valuables, documents, or assets, ensuring stringent access control and protection against unauthorized entry. With the trusted Chubb Locks, Sapphire Safe Deposit Lockers 12 UK 510 provide a reliable and fortified storage environment, instilling confidence in clients relying on these facilities to safeguard their valuable possessions.

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Sapphire Safe Deposit Lockers 

Model: 12 UK 510 (Chubb Lock)



  • Global installation in top financial institutions
  • High-quality design and extreme durability
  • Dual locks with 10 levers each, operated by unique keys
  • Highly improbable for two keys to be identical due to vast variations
  • Every Safe Deposit Locker installation is unique and tailored to local needs
  • Varied sizes of lockers in a group, with predetermined numbers based on size
  • Each installation is meticulously planned, not arbitrary
  • Standard sizes and section arrangements for cost efficiency and faster delivery



  • Weight(grams):133000
  • Dimension: 521H x 813W x 600D mm
  • Weight: 133kg
  • Fire Resistance: NO
  • Locking System: Custodian Key & Renter Key (UL Listed)
  • Accessories: All lockers are supplied with a steel inner container. These come standard with a hasp and staple to accept the renter's own padlock.
  • Type: 12 Lockers
  • Locker Size: 5" x 10"
  • Type of Resistance: Burglary
  • Valuables to Protect: Cash, Documents, Collectables, Jewellery, Other valuables
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