Sapphire Safe Deposit Lockers 24 UK 505 (Chubb Lock)

The Sapphire Safe Deposit Lockers 24 UK 505, featuring the renowned Chubb Lock system, offer top-tier security for safeguarding valuable possessions. Sapphire Safe Deposit Lockers 24 UK 505 designed with a robust construction and utilizing Chubb’s trusted technology, these lockers provide a reliable and secure solution for storing important documents, jewelry, cash, and other valuables. Sapphire Safe Deposit Lockers 24 UK 505 advanced locking mechanism and durable build, the Sapphire Safe Deposit Lockers ensure peace of mind and uncompromising protection for your most prized belongings.

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Sapphire Safe Deposit Lockers 

Model: 18 UK 310 (Chubb Lock)



  • Global installation in top financial institutions
  • High-quality design and extreme durability
  • Dual locks with 10 levers each, operated by unique keys
  • Highly improbable for two keys to be identical due to vast variations
  • Every Safe Deposit Locker installation is unique and tailored to local needs
  • Varied sizes of lockers in a group, with predetermined numbers based on size
  • Each installation is meticulously planned, not arbitrary
  • Standard sizes and section arrangements for cost efficiency and faster delivery



  • Weight(grams): 16000
  • Dimension: 521H x 813W x 600D mm
  • Weight: 160kg
  • Fire Resistance: NO
  • Locking System: Custodian Key & Renter Key (UL Listed)
  • Accessories: All lockers are supplied with a steel inner container. These come standard with a hasp and staple to accept the renter’s own padlock.
  • Type: 24 Lockers
  • Locker Size: 5″ x 5″
  • Type of Resistance: Burglary
  • Valuables to Protect: Cash, Documents, Collectables, Jewellery, Other valuables
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