S&G Audit lock swing bolt (Factory fitted or loose sale)

The S&G Audit Lock Swing Bolt is a sophisticated security mechanism available either factory-fitted or for separate purchase. Employing swing bolt technology, S&G Audit Lock Swing Bolt ensures secure access control with comprehensive auditing capabilities, allowing for precise tracking and monitoring of safe or vault entries. Whether integrated during manufacturing or as a standalone purchase, this advanced locking system provides detailed audit trails and enhances security measures, making S&G Audit Lock Swing Bolt an ideal choice for environments prioritizing precise access control and comprehensive security monitoring.

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S&G Audit Lock Swing Bolt 

Model: Swing Bolt (Factory fitted or loose sale)



  • Motor blocking
  • High cycle/heavy use
  • Safe boltwork does not attach to lock bolt
  • Automatically relocks when safe’s boltwork is fully closed
  • Lock bolt retraction and extension controlled by safe’s boltwork
  • Stainless steel lockbolt
  • Withstands 225 lbs. of bolt end pressure
  • Efficient for longer battery life


  • Three modes of operation: single control, dual control, manager/employee
  • USB audit: download, store, and email 1,000 date- and time-stamped events
  • Up to 100 users
  • Time delay 1-99 minutes
  • Configurable manual security (0,0,#) functionality
  • Enhanced daylight savings time feature
  • Penalty lockout
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