TIMETERA Fingerprint Time Attendance & Door Access System SD360

Introducing the TIMETERA Fingerprint Time Attendance Model SD360, Known as Thumbprint Time Attendance

Door access feature ready & IP67 Water Resistance Standard, specialist for outdoor whether proof door access control use.
A sleek aluminum design with a touch keypad, featuring a 2-inch touch keypad, advanced fingerprint sensor for precise live finger recognition, and versatile access verification options including Fingerprint, RFID, and Password. This device offers extensive user capacity, accommodating up to 3,000 fingerprints and 3,000 RFID cards, with robust transaction storage for up to 230,000 records.


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Timetera Intelligent Door Access With Attendance System 

Model: SD360


✦Software/Cloud Version Attendance
Fingerprint, ID Cards, Password for Attendance
Door Access Ready
✦TCP/IP Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Network Door Access Control
✦Metallic case, new design with touch keypad, slim and elegant,2 inch Touch Key Fingerprint access control device with Aluminum alloy Case
✦Applied capacitive fingerprint sensor, which is good at recognizing live finger and long lasting use
✦Support T9 input method, ID and IC card swiping together
✦Standard TCP/IP, RS485, USB, U disk for communication with computer and server together.
✦Support self-service report. You can export and import user information and shift setting in excel format. It also support export excel attendance report from device directly with USB flash drive.
✦Professional access control, Tamper alarm, duress alarm, door open alarm, Wiegand input and output, door magnetic detection, anti-passback, interlock, fire linkage and other professional access control functions
✦IP 67 Waterproof standard
✦Work Mode : Software Attendance + Door Access Ready
✦Access Verify : Fingerprint, RFID & Password
✦User Capacity : 3,000 Fingers / 3,000 RFID Card
✦Transaction Storage : 230,000
✦Comm. : USB (Recommend Thumbdrive USB 2.0), RS485, TCP/IP
✦Backup Battery : External 12VDC Power Supply c/w Battery (Optional)
✦Power : 12VDC 1A
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