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TIMETERA Original 5VDC 1A Power Adaptor

TIMETERA 5VDC 1A power adapter is an electrical device that converts AC (alternating current) from a wall outlet into DC (direct current) with an output of 5 volts and a current of 1 ampere. The TIMETERA 5VDC 1A Power Adapter is a specialized solution designed for Time Attendance devices. Delivering a stable 5VDC at 1A, this adapter is crafted for compatibility with devices requiring a 5VDC power supply. It is particularly tailored for use with the TIMETERA A250 Fingerprint Time Attendance machine and other devices with similar power specifications, including the iTBOX FP-10 Time Attendance Machine. With its special design, this adapter ensures reliable power delivery, facilitating optimal performance and longevity for your time attendance devices, promoting seamless operations in various work environments. Trust in the precision and efficiency of the TIMETERA 5VDC 1A Power Adapter.

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TIMETERA Original 5VDC 1A Power Adaptor

Model:  5VDC 1A



  • Provides a stable output of 5 volts of direct current (DC).
  • Capable of supplying a maximum current of 1 ampere.
  • Small and portable, suitable for various devices and applications.
  • May include protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, and short circuits.
  • Compatible with machine models of TIMETERA A250.


  • Compatible with universal input voltages ranging from 100VAC to 240VAC at 50-60Hz.
  • 5-watt output.
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