UMEI Computerized Guard Tour System GT2100

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UMEI Computerized Guard Tour System (Taiwan Branded)



  • Station point is protected by stainless steel casing
  • GT2100 Recorder is made of stainless steel. It is tamper and water resistance. Rubber grip on the body.
  • Data in the GT2100 recorder is transferred via a downloader into the computer through USB port
  • Expandable: Additional GT2100 Recorder, Guard ID Key and Station Point can be added as needed
  • GT2100 Recorder is powered by a 3v lithium battery. (low maintenance)
  • Works by a simple touch: Security guard simply touches the GT2100 recorder to a station point to record the date and time of his patrol.
  • System includes: GT2100 recorder, Carrying case, Downloader, Software in CD


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