UMEI Electronic Cheque Writer EC-100 (DISCONTINUED)

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UMEI Electronic Chequewriter Machine (Taiwan Branded)

Model:EC-100 (Multi Currency) (DISCONTINUED)


  • Power Source: AC100V or 220V (50/60hz)
  • Power Consumption: 3.5W (20W When Printing)
  • No. of Digits: 14 digits
  • Multi Currency: USD, HKD, BP, EUR, RMB, JPY, CHF, DKKRP, THB, RM (All 16 Currency)
  • Packaging Dimensions: H240 x W285 x D155mm
  • Weight: 2.2 Kg(net)  2.5Kg(Gross)
  • Sample Print: RM 123,456,789,000 DAN 00 SEN
  • Keyboard and LED Display may be used as a full function calculator


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