WriteBest EZ Poster Stand

The WriteBest EZ Poster Stand simplifies message communication effortlessly. Its adjustable height and durable steel tube construction make it versatile for both indoor and outdoor settings.

The WriteBest EZ Poster Stand, in stylish Dark Grey and Silver, features a clip-on frame system for easy info updates and a matte plastic sheet for protection. This stand is an ideal choice for displaying messages in various environments, whether indoors like offices or outdoors for events.

It combines convenience and durability, ensuring your messages are delivered effectively and thatWriteBest EZ Poster Stand remains resilient in changing conditions, making it a practical and eye-catching solution for any communication needs.

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WriteBest EZ Poster Stand


  • Colours combination: Dark Grey and Silver
  • Clip-on frame system for easy information update
  • Matte plastic sheet for protection
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


  • Product Code
    280 X (840-1200) X 340A4EZ4
    365 X (890-1240) X 340A3EZ3
    490 X (950-1280) X 340A2EZ2
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