APS Night Series TS1

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APS Night Deposit Safe Box

Model: TS 1 (Key Lock & Keyless Combination Lock)


Net Weight: 180 kg
Out Side Dimension(mm): 516 (H) x 512 (W) x 465 (D)
Inside Dimension(mm): 248 (H) x 369 (W) x 278 (D)
Fire Proof
Made of high density proofing material encased in steel to resist attacks such as fire, drilling, oxyacetylene or mechanical tools attack.
The handle controls the one way movable bolts that keeps the door firmly shut and locked. 
Behind the hinges,a 75mm thick vertical interlocking rebate is integrated to withstand prying attack.
The interior of the door is further armoured with high density proofing material while securing the lockcase embedded in the door structure.

*Handling Fees Check Side Per Floor

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