APS Night Series TS1 (KCL)

The APS Night Series TS1 (KCL) is a sophisticated safe designed for residential and small-scale commercial security. Featuring a robust combination lock, APS Night Series TS1 provides a sleek solution for safeguarding valuables. APS Night Series TS1 modern design seamlessly integrates into various environments, offering a balance between aesthetics and functionality. With a focus on security, the TS1 ensures reliable protection for important documents, jewelry, and cash. APS Night Series TS1 user-friendly design and adequate interior space make it an ideal choice for those seeking a trustworthy safe to deter theft and secure belongings. The Night Series TS1 reflects a commitment to both style and security in home and small business settings.

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APS Night Series 

Model :  TS1 (KCL)

  • Keyless Combination Lock

  • External Dimension ( H x W x D ) mm: 516 x 512 x 465
  • Internal Dimension ( H x W x D ) mm : 248 x 369 x 278
  • Net Weight : 180Kgs
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