Asia Talk Walkie Talkie IP-A68

The Asia Talk Walkie Talkie IP-A68, featuring dual SIM card capabilities and boasting an unlimited talking range, stands out as a versatile communication device. With the ability for programming over-the-air, GPS functionality, and options for group calls, private calls, and nested-group calls, the Asia Talk Walkie Talkie IP-A68 offers enhanced flexibility in communication. Additionally, Asia Talk Walkie Talkie IP-A68 low power prompt ensures users are alerted, ensuring uninterrupted communication when needed most.

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Asia Talk Walkie Talkie 

Model: IP-A68



  • Dual Sim Cardi
  • Prodraming Over-the-Air
  • GPS function
  • Group Call/Private Call/Nested-Group Call
  • 4G network radio
  • Low Power Prompt


  • Unlimited Talking Range
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