CHUBB Emergency Ventilator at Door Frame

The CHUBB Emergency Ventilator at Door Frame represents a safety feature designed to provide emergency ventilation in enclosed spaces or rooms. Installed discreetly within the door frame, CHUBB Emergency Ventilator at Door Frame allows for airflow between enclosed areas, aiding in maintaining air circulation in emergency situations. Intended for use in various settings, such as secure vaults or confined spaces, CHUBB Emergency Ventilator at Door Frame serves as a crucial safety measure to ensure adequate ventilation during unexpected situations, prioritizing occupant safety and well-being.
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CHUBB  Emergency Ventilator & Cladding

Model: Emergency Ventilator at Door Frame



  • Provides a means for air circulation within secure rooms during emergencies or lockdowns.
  • Specifically designed to be installed in the door frame alongside 2" Strongroom or Bookroom Doors.
  • Can be manually controlled or activated during emergencies.
  • May incorporate security features to prevent unauthorized tampering or access through the ventilator.
  • Possibly equipped with adjustable airflow mechanisms.
  • Designed to be integrated seamlessly into the door frame without compromising security.
  • Made from sturdy materials to ensure longevity and security.



  • To be order together with 2" Strongroom Door or Bookroom Door
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