CHUBB Safe Box Mini Banker Safe Size 2 (KCL)

The CHUBB Safe Box Mini Banker Safe Size 2 (KCL) is a compact and robust security solution designed for safeguarding valuables, documents, or cash in residential or commercial settings. Featuring a sturdy build and advanced security features, CHUBB Safe Box Mini Banker Safe Size 2 provides a secure storage option in a smaller form factor, offering protection against theft and unauthorized access. CHUBB Safe Box Mini Banker Safe Size 2 design and size make it suitable for discreet placement while ensuring reliable security measures for storing essential items.

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CHUBB Safe Box Mini Banker Safe 

Model : Size 2 (KCL)

  • Mini Banker Safe is a low to medium security safe designed ideally for small businesses and homes to protect valuables and documents.
  • The body has an effective barrier thickness of 65mm; constructed from steel, welded throughout to form a single unit and filled with Chubbsafes F60 specially formulated barrier material.
  • The door has an overall thickness of 88mm incorporating a 9 mm solid steel plate.
  • Fitted with a 3-wheel Keyless Combina­tion Lock protected by a String Relocker and a 8-lever Key Lock.
  • Fire Resistance
  • Model  :  Size 2
  • Locks  :  KCL
  • Front Bolts  :  2
  • Shelf  :  1
  • External Dimensions (HxWxD)mm  : 488 x 435 x 445
  • Internal Dimensions (HxWxD)mm  : 358 x 305 x 305
  • Nett Weight  :  160
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