CHUBB Strong Doors 4½” Vault Door

The CHUBB Strong Doors 4½” Vault Door signifies the epitome of security solutions, boasting an ultra-reinforced build and advanced protective features for unmatched defense. Recognized for its robust 4½” thickness, CHUBB Strong Doors 4½” Vault Door ensures stringent access control and unparalleled resistance against unauthorized entry or intrusion. Tailored for high-security vaults or critical zones, CHUBB Strong Doors 4½” Vault Door offers the highest level of protection for assets within financial institutions, sensitive facilities, or establishments where safeguarding valuable contents is of utmost importance.
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CHUBB Strong Doors 4½” Vault Door 

Model: 4½” Vault Door



  • Locking System: UL Listed 3-wheel mechanical combination lock + 11-lever double bitted Key Lock from Germany
  • Accessories: 1 pair of operational key for Chubbsafes 4.5" Vault Door ; 1 pair operational keys for Grille Gate (optional fitting)
  • Overall Door Thickness: 251mm (Filled with a specially formulated F80 barrier materials reinforced with steel fiber provides resistant to high speed drilling, oxy-acetylene cuttings and jack attacks)
  • Internal Fittings - Emergency Ventilator: Yes. (An emergency ventilator is integrated into the door frame to provide fresh air, allow two way conversation and to supply food or water to anyone trapped inside the strong room)
  • Internal Fittings - Lighting Control Switch: Yes. (A relay micro switch is fitted to the door to control the electric lighting in the room and to ensure that when the door is closed, all lighting within the room is switched off)
  • Internal Fittings - Alarm Micro Switch: Yes. (A relay micro switch is fitted to the door for possible connection to the main intruder alarm system as an additional protection)



  • Weight(grams): 1210000
  • External Dimension: 2110H x 1343W mm
  • Clear Opening: 1920H x 814W mm
  • Protective Thickness: 114mm (4.5")
  • Type of Resistance: Burglary
  • Valuables to Protect: Cash, Other valuables
  • Wall Thickness (inclusive of plastering): 300mm
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