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FingerTec Hybrid Face Recognition Face ID 5/FTD

FingerTec Face Recognition & Fingerprint Time Attendance System Face ID 5/FTD is the premium version of the Face ID5 model, featuring visible light facial recognition technology and body temperature detection using thermal imaging. It supports both facial and palm verifications with large capacity and speedy recognition for enhanced security.

The contactless system eliminates cross-contamination risks and accurately detects body temperature, even for masked individuals. Equipped with an advanced anti-spoofing algorithm, FingerTec Face Recognition & Fingerprint Time Attendance System Face ID 5/FTD provides robust protection against fake photos and videos.

Additionally, FingerTec Face Recognition & Fingerprint Time Attendance System Face ID 5/FTD performs 3-in-1 palm recognition in just 0.35 seconds per hand, comparing palm data with up to 3,000 templates. With worker enrollment for up to 6,000 face recognition and fingerprint templates and 200,000 attendance transaction records, it’s suitable for various premises and public areas like hospitals, factories, schools, and commercial buildings.

FingerTec Hybrid Face Recognition & Fingerprint Time Attendance System 

Model: Face ID 5

Face ID5/FTD is the Premium Version of the Face ID5 model. This model highlights the visible light facial-recognition technology, and it comes with body temperature detection using thermal imaging engineering facial recognition algorithms and the latest computer vision technology. It supports both facial and palm verifications with largecapacity and speedy recognition to improve security performance in all aspects. Face ID5/FTD is contactless, which eliminates the risk of cross-contamination; it can detect body temperature and verify masked individual accurately. It is equipped with the ultimate anti-spoofing algorithm for facial recognition against almost all types of fake photos and videos attack. Face ID5/FTD also can perform 3-in-1 palm recognition (palm shape, palm print and palm vein) in 0.35 sec per hand; and the palm data acquired will be compared with a maximum of 3,000 palm templates. Suitable to apply to any premises and public areas such as hospitals, factories, schools, commercial buildings, stations.
  • MODEL  : Face ID 5/FTD
  • SURFACE FINISHING  :  Glass with aluminium frame
  • TYPE OF SCANNER  :  2 MP WDR Low Light Camera & High resolution fingerprint scanner
  • MICROPROCESSOR  :  900 MHz Dual Core CPU
  • MEMORY  :  512MB RAM, 8G Flash
  • ALGORITHM  :  Face: BioBridge VX 9.0, Fingerprint: BioBridge VX 10.0, Palm: BioBridge VX 9.0
  • DIMENSION (L x W x H), mm  :  92 x 23.5 x 262
  • Face templates  :  6,000
  • Fingerprint templates  :  6,000
  • Palm templates  :  3000
  • Transactions  : 200,000
  • Methods  :  Face (1:N), Fingerprint (1:1, 1:N), Palm (1:N) & Password
  • Recommended per user ID  :  Face: 1, Fingerprint: 10, Palm: 1
  • Verification time (sec)   :  Fingerprint: <1s, Face: <2s, Palm: <0.35s
  • Method  :  TCP/IP, R5485, Wi-Fi (Optional)
  • Wiegand  :  Input/Output
  • Temperature (°C)  :  0~45
  • Humidity (%)  :  10~90
  • Power Input  :  DC 12V 3A
  • Display  :  5” Touch Scree
  • Photo-ID  :  Yes


  • Lock Relay Output  :  Yes
  • Alarm Output/Auxiliary Input  :  Yes
  • Exit Button/Door Sensor  :  Yes
  • Mask Detection  :  Yes
  • Fever Detection  :  Yes
  • Fever Measurement Distance (cm)  :  30 - 50
  • Fever Detection Speed  :  >0.3s
  • Temperature Measurement Range (°C)  :  34 ~ 45
  • Temperature Measurement Accuracy (°C)  :  +/_ 0.3
English (Standard) Other languages are available upon request.
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