GBC Punching System With Interchangeable Dies MP2500 IX

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GBC Punching System With Interchangeable Dies 

Model: MP2500 IX

  • Open ended throat for punching odd-sized sheets
  • Ergonomic vertical punch throat enhances productivity and prevents mispunches
  • Three LED’s indicate Power ON, correct die placement, and chip tray full warning
  • Electric push-button or foot-pedal operation
  • Adjustable paper alignment guide
  • Interchangeable die sets slide in place quickly without tools (purchase separately)
  • Document size: A4 (Open throat for large documents)
  • Binding style: ClickBind™, CombBind®, WireBind, StripBind™, CoilBind™, 2-4/3-5-7 Binding
  • Punch capacity 80g: ClickBind™:22, CombBind®:25, WireBind (3:1 W3):22, WireBind (2:1 W2):20, StripBind™:29, CoilBind™:17, 2-4/3-5-7 Hole Binding: 25 sheets
  • Bind capacity 80g: N.A. sheets
  • Dimension W x D x H (mm): 457 x 406 x 216
  • Weight (kg): 23.3
  • Method of operation: Electric
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