iTBOX Money Counting Machine iNote-CC

iTBOX’s Money Counting Machine iNote-CC stands out as a leading office automation brand in Malaysia.

With a 100% improved version, iTBOX’s Money Counting Machine iNote-CC ensures compatibility with RM 1 and 5 Polymer notes (Plastic Notes), offering enhanced usability. The large TFT 2.8-inch color screen with touch keypad provides an innovative and user-friendly control panel.

Supporting multiple currencies like RM, RMB, and USD, iTBOX’s Money Counting Machine iNote-CC calculates the total value based on user-selected denominations, enabling efficient counting for various notes. The add mode allows continuous money counting with a running total. The machine generates detailed reports for money counting quantities and values of sorted notes, providing comprehensive insights.

Boasting a rapid counting speed of 1000pcs/min and increased capacity (Hopper 700pcs & Stacker 250pcs), iTBOX Money Counting Machine iNote-CC is a reliable and preferred choice for efficient currency handling.

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iTBOX Money Counting Machine iNote-CC

Model : iNote-CC

  • 100% improved version compatible friendly use with RM 1 & 5 Plastic Note (Polymer 5)
  • Large TFT 2.8 Color screen display
  • Touch keypad - Innovative touch control panel
  • Front Loading (Top Loading) Table Top Note Counter Machine
  • Multi Currencies Selection - RM, RMB & USD
  • Counts the value for sorted notes - Calculates the total value of the count based on the user-selected denomination. The add mode allows users to count various denominations while maintaining a running total value.
  • Value Reports – Sorted notes with Full reports for quantities counts & Value counts
  • Fake Note Detection - Automatic detecting with UV (ultraviolet) and MG (magnetic) while counting
  • Double notes detection, Half notes (IR) detection, Width detection (DD) & Chain note detection
  • Suitable for most currencies in the world (without fake note detection)
  • Auto & Manual Counting Mode - Automatic start, stop and clearing.
  • With batching flexible 1~999, adding and self-examination functions.
  • High speed low noise
  • Fault Automatic diagnose
  • Counting speed : 1000pcs/min
  • Hopper Capacity : 700pcs
  • Stacker Capacity : 250pcs
  • Size of countable note : 50mm x 110mm---90mm x 190m
  • Net Weight : 5.5 kgs
  • Size of Machine : 27cm × 25.5cm × 29.7cm ( 10.63"×10"×11.7" )
  • Size of Carton : 2pcs/carton, 13 kgs, 63 × 30 × 30cm
  • Power Supply : AC 220V, 50Hz
  • Power Consumption : <60W (max)


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