TimeTec Time Attendance (TA) HR Mobile Apps & Cloud-Based

TimeTec Time Attendance (TA) HR Mobile Apps & Cloud-Based empowers you to effortlessly monitor employee attendance from anywhere, anytime.

TimeTec Time Attendance (TA) HR Mobile Apps & Cloud-Based Offering multi-user functionality and centralized time attendance control for multiple branches, it facilitates efficient reporting, payroll calculation, and comprehensive backend support. Amazingly, you can capture time attendance using just a mobile device without the need for dedicated machines.

TimeTec Time Attendance (TA) HR Mobile Apps & Cloud-Based supports various working shifts, enables overtime applications, approvals, and hosts an array of other features, making it a versatile solution for simplified time and attendance management.

TimeTec Time Attendance (TA) HR Mobile Apps & Cloud-Based

Model: HR Attendance (TA)




  1. Simple Tracking for All Employees, All Locations.
  2. Roster, Policy & Setting
  3. Reportings, Payroll Calculation & Backend Support

1. Simple Tracking for All Employees, All Locations.

  • Real-Time Data - All data is live, no matter where you are. 
  • Easy Clock-In/Out - Employees clock in/out & real-time automatic updates.
  • On-the-Go Tracking - Track employees, in-office or at remote sites. 
  • Geofence Location - Set the permissible radius for your employees to clock in/out.
  • Multi-Location - Consolidate data from multiple locations, outlets, and branches automatically.
  • Various Clocking Methods - Clock in with a smartphone, face or fingerprint. Your choice.
  • Distance Calculator - Calculate your employee's travelled distance accurately using GPS (for mileage claim purpose).
  • Tardiness Alert - Notification of employees’ late in or early out activities on the TimeTec TA app.

2. Roster, Policy & Setting

  • Work Schedule & Roster - Easy customization of work schedules & rosters for all employees.
  • Overnight Shift Scheduling - Manage overnight shift employees on the same day & shift
  • OT Application & Approval - Manage & review OT request at your fingertip.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard & Performance - Overview of your company's performance, tardiness and OT request

3. Reporting, Payroll Calculation & Backend Support

  • 41 Advanced & Real Time Reporting - Generates what matters to you in real-time
  • Eliminate Calculation Error - Automated payroll calculation eliminate errors, Eradicates miscalculation and ensures correct payments to staff all the time.
  • Payroll Integration - Integrated with multiple payroll systems or exports in Excel xls. or csv. files.
  • 24/7 Support - We have your back, You could find us anytime around the clock for an assistant.
  • 20 Lanquages Available - We have hired humans to translate our system to the most common languages on earth.
  • Security & Privacy - Your data remain yours, We are PDPA & GDPR compliances and certified with ISO 27001.

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