FingerTec Time Attendance Management Software TCMS V3

FingerTec Time Attendance Management Software TCMS V3, is the ultimate solution for seamless workforce management. It perfectly integrates with FingerTec time attendance devices, supporting up to 99 connections simultaneously.

FingerTec Time Attendance Management Software TCMS V3 provides essential time codes for precise payroll calculations, including worktime, overtime, lunch & rest time. TCMS V3 time attendance software facilitates easy data export to various payroll systems, such as SQL, AUTOCOUNT and others, streamlining salary calculations.

With the ability to manage shifts on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis, FingerTec Time Attendance Management Software TCMS V3 ensures comprehensive control over attendance, making it an indispensable tool for efficient and accurate time management in any organization.

FingerTec Time Attendance Management Software TCMS V3

Model: TCMS V3



  • The Most Comprehensive Time Attendance System on the Market
  • Perfect Match with FingerTec Device
  • Prevent budding punching and anti-spoofing with Fingerprint/Facial Recognition
  • High reliability and low false acceptance rate
  • Connect up to 99 FingerTec devices at the same time
  • Multiple data transfer channel: TCP/IP, Dynamic DNS, RS232/485, 3G or USB Flash Disk
  • Immediate synchronisation of data to the device after changes are made in TCMS V3
  • Time synchronisation date and time of all terminals automatically or manually
  • Sets a specific time to download data from FingerTec Time Attendance terminals automatically
  • Set a specific time to back up the database of the software
  • Quick setup wizard to facilitate simple configuration during initial start -up
  • Allows easy addition of large quantities of users by Batch Create Users feature
  • Provides configuration templates to reduce the time required to configure the system
  • Different user interface themes available and simple to understand organisation with a “tree structure” design
  • Advanced Attendance & Scheduling
  • Time codes for calculating payrolls, worktime, overtime leave and more
  • Manage full-day leave, half-day leave, a short hour and outdoor duty schedules
  • Manage break and meal times with automatic/advances rule set based on your work schedule
  • Advanced overtime settings to capture the next day (over 12AM) shift
  • Settings for Different Shifts
  • Manage shifts on a monthly, weekly and daily basis
  • Provide the individual or user group work schedule
  • Fixed, flexible and floating work settings
  • Calendar view to configure user/group duty roaster
  • Supports organisation’s leave and holiday management, which ties up with daily attendance data
  • Direct email from TCMS V3 allows sending of reports automatically
  • Corporate Advertisement System allows uploads of up to 9 corporate advertisements (.jpg) into selected FingerTec devices
  • Short Messaging System (SMS) allows display of corporate communication messages to employees via SMS (selected FingerTec devices)
  • Screen-lock function; automatic logout after the timeout period
  • Supports customised digital watermark imprint for document uniqueness
  • Provides detailed history records and audit trail functions for tracking past configuration changes
  • Optional fingerprint login for system administrators
  • 31 Pre-configured reports
  • Configurable time attendance reports
  • Support exporting reports to PDF & CSV
  • Multilingual Support
  • Integrable with HR/ERP System
  • Currently integrated payroll : WinCom Pay 7, Sage Payroll, EMAS, SQL Payroll, MYOB, Unipay, BDB Payroll, Execupay, Millenium Payroll, MISYS, PayChecx, Pay Choice, QuickBooks, Attache 
  • FingerTec is not planning to stop here, we can export/integrate with most of the HR/ERP systems on the market


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