TIMETERA Fingerprint Slave Reader (Out Reader) SOR-900S

The TIMETERA Fingerprint Slave Reader (Out Reader) SOR-900S is a versatile access control device engineered for seamless integration and enhanced security. Operating in Slave Reader mode, TIMETERA Fingerprint Slave Reader SOR-900S offers multiple access verification methods including Fingerprint, RFID, and Password authentication.

Fingerprint Slave Reader SOR-900S functions encompass Standard WG26/34 output, relay output, and BELL functionality, providing comprehensive control options. Powered by a 12VDC 2A source, Fingerprint Slave Reader SOR-900S ensures reliable and consistent performance. Its compatibility with models like D250, SD360, and SD360W makes it an ideal choice for diverse access control systems, offering flexibility and robust security measures for various environments.

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TIMETERA Fingerprint Slave Reader (Out Reader)

Model:  SOR-900S

Your cost-effective door access solution. This compact device combines
fingerprint and card verification, offering secure access with a sleek design.
Enhance your security effortlessly with efficient RS485 communication.
Smart, affordable, secure – SOR-900S has it all.



  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Slave Reader, Compact Design~
  • Access Verification : Fingerprint, RFID Card & Password
  • Anti-Pass back Feature
  • Communication : RS485
  • Door Access
  • Build-in Door Bell
  • For Model : TIMETERA D250 & SD360


  • Bio 1T,H002.00 Os
  • Primary Terminal
  • RS485 Communication
  • Power DC12V
  • Working Temperature 0°C~25°C
  • Working Humidity 28%~80%
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