WriteBest Aluminium Frame Notice Board

The WriteBest Aluminium Frame Notice Board offers a versatile solution for office updates. With options in various surfaces, frames, and sizes, it adapts to diverse office environments. Available in surfaces like velvet notice board, fabric notice board, foam notice board, cork notice board, and soft notice board, WriteBest Aluminium Frame Notice Board provides flexibility for posting.

The choice between an aluminum or classic wooden frame, along with the optional stand for mobility, ensures WriteBest Aluminium Frame Notice Board suits different office aesthetics and requirements. The soft-density fibreboard core also aligns with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards, emphasizing sustainability.

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WriteBest Aluminium Frame Notice Board



  • Available surfaces: Velvet, Fabric, Foam, Cork, and Soft Board
  • Available in aluminium frame and classic wooden frame
  • Optional stand for mobility
  • Soft density fibreboard core complies with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) requirements


  • Product Code 
    300 x 300VN11TN11FB11CB11SB11
    450 x 300VN115TN115FB115CB115SB115
    600 x 300VN12TN12FB12CB12SB12
    600 x 450VN15TN15FB15CB15SB15
    600 x 600VN22TN22FB22CB22SB22
    900 x 600VN23TN23FB23CB23SB23
    1200 x 600VN24TN24FB24CB24SB24
    900 x 900VN33TN33FB33CB33SB33
    1200 x 900VN34TN34FB34CB34SB34
    1500 x 900VN35TN35FB35CB35SB35
    1800 x 900VN36TN36FB36CB36SB36
    1200 x 1200VN44TN44FB44CB44SB44
    1500 x 1200VN45TN45FB45CB45SB45
    1800 x 1200VN46TN46FB46CB46SB46
    2400 x 1200VN48TN48FB48CB48SB48
    3000 x 1200VN410TN410FB410CB410SB410
    3600 x 1200VN412TN412FB412CB412SB412
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